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Cervical or chiropractic pillow What is it? I need one?

The cervical pillow, sometimes also called a chiropractic pillow, are pillows specially designed to support the neck.

Why are pillows so important? Well, it turns out that human beings spend about a third of the day sleeping, resting their heads on the pillow. When considering this, it becomes clear that choosing one that is appropriate is a good idea.

Choosing a suitable pillow will depend a lot on each individual, their preferences, the sleeping posture and even their health condition.

The pillow is essential to support the neck, maintaining its natural alignment while sleeping. Without the ideal support, the intricate structures of the neck will be under pressure, causing pain or worsening any preexisting condition. During the day you will feel stiffness in the area and pain that could extend from the neck to the rest of the back.

If you suffer from neck or back pain, a cervical pillow could be exactly what you are looking for.

What is a cervical pillow?
A cervical or chiropractic pillow is one that is designed and contoured to give optimal support to the neck. So that when your head rests on it, your spine maintains its natural shape.

This posture can help prevent neck pain, which, as we explained earlier, can occur as a result of poor posture.

In this type of pillows there is a slit in the center, so that the top and bottom are softer than the center. Most of these pillows are specially designed for people who favor a face-up posture when sleeping.

They are very useful if you suffer from whiplash, arthritis, migraines and tension headaches.

In principle, when compared to conventional pillows, cervical pillows have proven efficient in reducing discomfort in the neck and shoulders after four weeks of use. This is especially so for those who manifest to suffer from these pains during the mornings.

There are multiple materials, varying from maraca to brand. One of the most efficient materials in reducing pressure points and generating the feeling of maximum comfort is viscoelastic memory foam.

This is the case of our Cervical pillow. Its ergonomic contours meet all the necessary specifications to relieve neck pain and maintain proper alignment. In addition, it is efficient for relaxing neck and shoulder muscles, as well as preventing snoring.

If, due to your health condition, you need to sleep in a therapeutic position, this pillow is your best ally.

We invite you to know and try for yourself the maximum comfort and quality of this pillow, visiting our wellness section.

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