Acupuncture points to take away the pain

Applying pressure in different areas of the body could alleviate problems we suffer in other areas.

If you don't know what to do to take away those migraines or that neck pain that doesn't let you sleep, acupuncture with pressure points may be your solution. Alternative medicine has different variants that increasingly attract more people. One of them is acupuncture in its version without needles. The stimulation of different points of the body applying pressure on them, acts directly on other areas. In this way, by pressing at a certain point in your body you can get relief from those uncomfortable pains.

According to experts in this field, these techniques manage to activate nerve fibers so that they send a signal to the spinal cord. Hence, the signal goes to the brain where the chemicals needed to relieve pain will be released. The recommendation is to apply these pressure methods three times a day, for about five seconds.

Main pains and pressure points
Relieve neck pain: if you suffer from annoying neck aches and can't find a way to relieve them, acupuncture can help you. The pressure point you must find is in the termination bone. It is the bone we touch behind the ear cavity.
Pressure on behind the ear to relieve neck pain.

Relieve migraines: If migraines are your worst nightmare, acupuncture may help you get along better. Locate the membrane between the thumb and the index finger and apply pressure on it with the fingers of the other hand. You will have to change hands, thus applying pressure on both.
Pressure on the hand to relieve migraines.

Relieve nausea and vomiting: if nausea and vomiting do not let you live, try the acupuncture technique described here. Locate the tendons that are inside the wrist. Place your hand with the palm of the hand facing up and apply pressure on this area. Press with the index finger, first on one hand and then on the other.
Pressure on the wrist against vomiting.

Relieve headache and stress: if you suffer from headaches and stress, there is a pressure point that will improve your condition. It is the point located between the two eyebrows, it is the bridge of union. Apply a massage on this area using the middle finger.
Pressure between the eyebrows to relieve headache and stress.

Relieve bone pain: if you suffer from painful bone discomfort, such as knee or back pain, there is an area of ​​your body that can become your best ally. In the back of the knee, right in the center, there is an area on which you will have to apply pressure with your thumbs.
Press behind the knee to relieve bone pain.

Relieve digestive problems: if you want to improve your intestinal health and avoid digestive problems, there is a treatment that can help you. You have to move to the sole of the foot. Starting with the second and third metatarsals, halfway to the heel is the pressure point that you must apply.

 Press the sole of the foot to relieve digestive problems.

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