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Waste is a real problem in our society, an individual produces an average of 354 kg of containers per year. We want through this blog to talk about the techniques that exist to reduce this figure.

The residues are contaminants during their treatments. By throwing away, we encourage the incineration of trash cans, which cause CO2 emissions, and favor landfills that pollute soils and groundwater. By recycling our waste, we avoid recreating material that is a highly energy intensive process. But the treatment of recycled waste and its transport are always stages that emit Co². Therefore, it is essential to have the keys to reduce garbage.

The first concrete step we can take is to buy the least amount of packaged or over-packaged products. We can also ban disposable shaving utensils, bags, plates, cutlery, batteries. Etc ... Prefer reusable razors, wicker baskets, fabrics or other reusable containers, washable metal cutlery, rechargeable batteries, etc. Let's take advantage of solid hygiene products: soap can replace shower gel and there is a solid shampoo.

Water bottles also have a real impact on our planet and especially in our oceans. Limiting bottled water is reducing the pollution associated with the manufacture of the plastic bottle, its route and also eliminates the pollution related to recycling that remains without the necessary context. It is essential to assess tap water.

Quality is very important, we value useful, solid and repairable products so that they don't end up quickly in the trash.

We need to avoid wasting food so it is good to assess freezing and trust your senses by testing, feeling instead of looking at the DLC (expiration dates) or DLUO (optimal use deadline). When the DLUO is exceeded, we can still consume products without risk. Another way to store food products from garbage is to buy items with a short DLC. They are often promoted in our supermarkets. You can freeze them if you don't eat them immediately. You will make a citizen gesture and save, everything is fine! I don't know if you know the Too Good To Go mobile app that can find cheap unsold products to save them from garbage at retailers near you.

It is good to value the products in bulk, we take only the amount we need and limit the packaging that represents a large amount of waste. Solid hygiene products: the soap can replace the shower gel and there is a solid shampoo

It is better to do things alone in all areas. I give an example to illustrate:

To make oneself eat, we buy fresh products and, therefore, we generate zero plastic waste. If we buy an industrial cooked dish, there will be packaging. On top of that, it will probably be worse. So why not do your best for yourself?

It is good to say no to advertising, both in mailboxes and in mailboxes. Advertising causes pollution. Ending advertising in your mailbox is a simple gesture and citizen. In the same way that deleting email prevents data storage on servers that consume electricity. It is estimated that a shopping center produces 10 g of CO2.

It is good to learn about alternative practices such as zero waste practices.

By taking two or three initiatives mentioned above, we can significantly reduce our waste. It's time to act for our planet! Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to make a more detailed article about a particular point.

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