All about bushes

All about bushes, shrub garden, keep bushes
It can be said of a shrub that is a woody plant like a tree but whose adult size is smaller. Botanically speaking, a shrub must not exceed 8 m in height. In practice, in our gardens, a shrub has an average of 0.50 m to 4/5 m.

Woody plants are trees and shrubs whose trunk and branches are rigid like wood, because they form a specific molecule, lignin. The bushes may have a trunk or the shape of bushes.

The different varieties of shrubs.
Many shrubs grow spontaneously in nature. Ornamental shrubs are wild shrubs that have been selected according to aesthetic and use criteria. They are flowering shrubs, shade bushes, hedge shrubs, evergreen shrubs ... They multiply and grow in nurseries and then planted in pleasure gardens.

Itinerant explorers and botanists who have traveled the world in recent centuries have introduced numerous varieties of ornamental shrubs in Europe. They brought shrubs from China, America and Japan ... We can create new varieties of shrubs by artificial hybridizations between different varieties.

Ornamental bushes
Until about twenty years ago, ornamental shrubs were grown on the ground in nurseries. To transplant them to the gardens, it was necessary to wait until the bushes rested during the vegetative deceleration of winter. The period of planting shrubs varied from the end of November to February. Currently ornamental shrubs are grown mainly in lumps, pots or containers. This extends the period of planting shrubs throughout the year.

Tips to make your bush last
The younger a bush is planted in the garden, the greater its longevity and the easier it is to recover it. In fact, its roots have not "fragmented" in a container, a lumpy bush or bucket quickly develops its root system in the soil, where you can find nutrients more easily and water in case of drought

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