Transport and ecology


Transportation accounts for approximately 25% of CO2 emissions. I wanted to see individual solutions together to reduce that number. First, I will talk about individual transport and concrete actions to reduce CO2 emissions. In a second moment we will see how public transport is a solution.

Individual transport is a very polluting means of transport, but we know that it remains indispensable in certain geographical areas. We can easily implement several solutions to limit Co2 imitations.

We must start by favoring a vehicle adapted to our needs. For example, if we are alone to move around and without having heavy loads to transport a small car or a small bicycle, low energy consumption during use and during its manufacture is still preferable even if a vehicle is rented if necessary. A larger volume We can also think of giving priority to even smaller individual means of transport.

The advantage of bicycles, scooters, roller skates, electric or not, is that they are smaller, so they are less polluting to manufacture and also much less polluting to use. However, it remains to focus on quality equipment, repairable so that they do not end up quickly in the trash.

The repair of your old vehicle must be privileged instead of the change. I already mentioned this topic in the article "consume better: material" that you can find by clicking here. I put my point of view:

"I think that today's society does not want to hear this point of view because important financial problems arise. But for me, buying new or even electric cars for supposedly less polluting is just an aberration. The pieces are made in every corner of the planet. assemble in a country, once the manufactured car must still be transported in the country of purchase.In addition, each car part must have raw materials that are exploited in the four corners of the world with processes as harmful to the human being as to the planet. And we can go even further in the vicious circle. The instrument that uses the raw material is made with parts of the whole world and we repeat to do the same cycle over and over again, the machines that make the machine explode the matter premium, etc., etc. Manufacturing and transportation are very polluting and energy-consuming stages. When I listen to a government, certainly influenced by the groups After the pressure, it is better to discard the car instead of repairing it for ecological reasons, in my opinion it is an aberration. I am thinking of making articles to better justify this point, especially in the exploitation of lithium to manufacture electric car batteries, their useful life, transformation stages, waste management ... "

Other small individual actions are beneficial to the planet: how to inflate the tires of your vehicle to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer to optimize consumption. We can also assess tires that last over time and consume less fuel. It is possible to adapt its management to be flexible and ecological. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary trips and optimize them.

If we still want to take a second step towards ecology, there are ways to move public or collective transport. They allow to move several in the same vehicle. Public transport (buses, trams, meters) is mainly in the city and continues to be more developed in the main cities. However, they are a good ecological alternative to individual transport.

There are other means of public transport for the long trip. The shared trip has become widespread, organized, stable and safe thanks to the Blablacar company.

Buses are also an ecological means of public transport. In addition, they are very economical, however, travel times are quite long. Several companies perform services such as OuiBus, FlixBus, Isilines.

The train is also a means of public transport, a little more expensive but fast governed by the SNCF in France.

To conclude this article, we can say that there are ways to limit our CO2 emissions with transportation. The best way, the most ecological, the most suitable for short trips and the best for our health is walking. Doctors recommend walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day!

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